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Thursday, February 4, 2010, 04:59 PM
Please add any information here that you find to be informative to the public and to the Citizens of our Nation.

:Nanya-Shaabu:El:(...) wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 05:06 PM
Washitaw Claims Commercially brought onto Atlan, Amexem, Turtle Island , Land of the Frogs CERITIFED By USPS and U.S. Census Bureau see:

also see: and

By: :Nanya-Shaabu:El - Plenipotentiary of Atlan.
Solomon Yemani wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 05:10 PM
I am in the divine love of The All.
And all love is in me.
I am a part of the all.
And The All is a part of me.
I am one with The All.
And the All is one with me.
I can Suceed as a part of The All,
and fail as an individual.
I can be all that I wish in The All.
As long as my wish is to stay.
I am never by myself.
The All is I am.
The All can, I can.
The All does, I do.
Solomon Yemani wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 05:18 PM
Washitaw Affirmation
Oh Holy and Divine Mothers, Who placed the spark of Life in the Womb of each Mother who yields a child, give us true Washitaw a rebirth. place a New spark in our heart, So That we may be like a baby in your present, Ever crying for your help. wean us on your way and teach us of our true worth so that we my always be loyal to our Empress of the Washitaw. Oh Holy and Divine Mothers, bind our Hearts and Minds back to the ways of the Ancient ones this we Ask in thy Holy names. So be it, it is Done..
Affirmation of The Spirits
Spirit of the East Where Light comes from, gateway of the Spirit and of the element of Fire enlighten Us, Spirit of the South
Where the Sun is stongest gateway
of the emotions and feelings and
Of the element of Water strengthen
Us, Spirit of the West where the Sun sets gateway of the body and of the element of earth transform us, Spirit of the North where the Sun rests gateway of the mind and of the element of Air inform Us, Great masculine Force behind All that is grandfather Sky empower Us, Great Feminine Force behind All that is Grandmother earth Nuture us, Oh Holy Divine Energy From Within us come forth in Peace. So Be It
Solomon Yemani wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 05:21 PM
Yes it is true that the people of our nation have been mobbed. The empire has been robbed. We are an Ancient people. Aunt Francis lived to be 125 years old. Our Aunt Delia lived to be 128. They buried Grant at the age of 130, and he proved himself to be 150 years old. My cousin Alice is 122, my cousin Susan is now 112. Our own grandma the Black Cajun Queen; Empress, 117. Do you need more proof that they are Ancient Ones, who's life spanned by God, is 120 years. Your life span is 70 years by God. We are the remnant of the Ancient Ones, the Mound Builders who dug the Bayous to get the dirt under the instruction of Moses. This was before the great earth breaking up.The Neutral Strip has always been a No Man's Land, ruled by a black woman, Venerari, an Empress to look upon with feelings of deep respect, the mother of all living. York was a black interpreter to the Nation of Mantans, incidentally who were named Mantans by the French. Now York and Ceesonnenee were related. He being black. They were both hitching a ride on the sly to the Washitaw, being Consanguine. York was brother to the Washo woman, Anniamaree, the daughter of the Ayimarieeya, the old Empress. It was she that Ceesonnenee and her husband, Tousaint Chabono were taking their baby, Ceeshonee (Shushuni) Charbonea so that she may be held by her and become blessed. The Washo woman Anniamaree, was the legal Washitaw wife (illegal French wife) of Joseph de Maison Rouge. She was the mother of Hemrey Turner.
I was born high noon on May 4, 1927. Annie Turner Washington, part Tunica/Washitaw and 1/4 french. A daughter of Joseph Henry Turner and Matilda M Turner husband was the Washitaw son of Delphia Kim and Isham Washitaw (Washington changed by the Boston School mams that came to teach them English).

What Does UN#215/1993 Mean? According to the World Council of Indigenous Peoples (WCIP), the definition of Indigenous peoples is, “The termindigenous people refers to people living in countries which have a population composed of differing ethnic or racial groups who are descendants of the earliest populations living in the area, and who don’t as a group, control the national government of the countries within which they live. These groups were also defined as the existing descendants of the people who inhabited the present territory of a country, wholly or partially, at the time when persons of a different culture or ethnic origin arrived here from other parts of the world, and overcame them by conquest settlement of other means that reduced them to a non-dominant or colonial condition; who today love more in conformity with their particular social, economic and cultural customs of traditions than with the institutions of the country of which they now form part, under a State structure which incorporates mainly the national, social and cultural characteristics of other segments of the populations which are predominant” Those people who have stolen these lands are the ones who try refute the idea of indigenousness because they know what the outcome means for them. So of course any nation of people claiming their sovereignty will be persecuted, such as our beloved Maku: Chief Black Eagle, Dr. Malachi York is a sovereign of the blood line to Ben York on his mother’s side. While in the custody of the Federal and State governments, Malachi York was tortured and he was forced to accept a plea to charges he was not even guilty of, in hopes to save his life.

Solomon Yemani wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 05:24 PM
Washitaw File

Choctaw was a name given to the Washitaws because they were and are Black, like chocolate, brown in color. They were very many in number all over Louisiana who were not divided at that time about April 1805. The hunting parties were a culture. The party fed those at home and clothed them with or by skins to make coats and food covering for the winter. Their villages were organized towns in International Townships. The last telltale fact is that they were not liked by the red or the white man because the people were chocolate Black Washitaws. Arkansas- living on the Arkansas River south side in three villages, about twelve miles above the post station. The name of the first village is Tawanima. The second is Ousolu and the third is Ocapa. In all, they do not at present exceed one hundred men and diminishing. They are at war with the Osages, but friends with all other people, white and red. They are the original proprietors of the country on that river, to all which they claim. For about 300 miles above them to one junction of the River Cadron with Arkansas, above the fork, the Osages claim. Their language Osage. Then generally raise corn to sell. They are called honest and friendly people. Now all of these people were Black Aborigines. The Washitaw Nation, including the Washas, Chactoos and several more tribes, these people were small and were the Chactoos. The Choctaws and Tunicas were all black. If the intent were to take the land, the last thing I know that the white man would have done was make it a know fact that they were black. Yet, thay have alluded to it between the lines by using words like aborigines, not being white or red. Yet this son of a bitch failed to come out and say they were Black, as they made no treaties with the Blacks, even if they were pre-Columbian and owned their land. Notice also the distance that we are talking about. One family owned the entire Washitaw. Whether you spell it Wichitaw, Ouachita, Quachita, Umpsaw Arkansas, Kansas or Washas, it is still a Black nation of chocolate brown people who were counted as 3/5 of a person along with all other blacks in the said LOUISIANA PURCHASE and to steal their land.
Damin Reynolds wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 05:29 PM
In the Vedic Scriptures it is said that 6 people are implicated in the the killing of an animal, 1) the person who orders the killing 2) the person who does the killing 3) the person who sales the meat 4) the person who buys the meat 5) the person who cooks the meat and 6) the person who eats the meat. So in building a nation of truly civil citizens I believe it to be of extreme importance not to participate in any unnecessary killing of any living entity in order to gain the FAVOR of the SUPREME BEING. Please copy and paste this link for clarification:

Solomn Yemani wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 05:30 PM
The 19 ways to become Divine
By Malachi K. York
1.Cleanliness is next to Godliness
2. Stay at peace and relax
3. Don't worry about what people think about you worry about what you think about yourself.
4. Don't change we all make mistakes.
5. Block out all foreign thoughts just relax.
6. You don't have to go along with the majority.
7. Admit what you like, to yourself and others.
8. Accept the ways the evil one distracts you.
9. Accept agreeable and disagreeable beings.
10. Admit what you don'tlike to yourself and others.
11. Start looking inside, not outside a person.
12 Accept what is inside of you and not what you look like on the outside.
13. Know that you are being tested by the evil one, and accept it.
14. When you are teaching someone, block out all distractions.
15. Make teaching your job, be very serious.
16. make sure the student overstands you.
17. Don't start what you can't finish.
18. be sincere don't try to impress anyone.
19. Have no fear of anyone or anything, period.
Solomon Yemani wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 05:48 PM
So we Ancient Ones always explain what we mean of whom we speak. Our Nazdiru means "watchers" and links back to that which looks on over all life, nature. And being things grow or come to life from nature, we call it Mother Nature being all living beings in fact came from females first. Even us males came from females or Mother Nature. As to the Christians, if Jesus Christ is God, he came from she, Mary his mother. And that's a recorded fact (Matthew 1:18).
Secret brotherhoods were set up to protect the secrets of our arts over them was Paa-Hanutu a priesthood of men chosen by Amun son of Ptah himself.
Secret sisterhoods were set up to protect the seed of Paa-Nazdiru here on Ptah-Nun "Planet Earth". This secret sisterhood was called Paa Hat-Haru. And each was chosen and taught for her physical well kept body and her mind, healthy, wise , strong, with good genes.
Once this passed on to the Shasu "Israelites", the priessts became the Levite and the woman was chosen from their tribe and the Tribe of Judah fro the men. Later this was given in small parts to monks and nuns and later became the ancient mystical order Rosae Crucis or Amorc. The Rosicrucian, Order of the Rose upon the Cross which many suborders down to the Masonic Order or Freemasons.
Yet they the Europeans were never given the true arts of black magic or alchemy "Paa-Khaf-RE". For the very word alchemy is from Al-Khami or Al-Haam from Egiptian word Khami, Khemitian, Kemet "Black". All about protecting the seed of the women. This is exactly what the female has and does by her carrying the Mitochondrial DNA which men don't carry. So women are the carrier of the seed not just the blood line. A man can do that by father to son, but the very genetic code is only by the female.
So you see male must be marked to be remembered, yet female is designated.
So it started with the placement of the Mitochondrial DNA in the female.
That is these sons of gods planted their seeds in these daughters of Adamites, Enosites and so on. So the seed of the women and gods carries of the Mitochondrial DNA of the Gods, Eloheem, Anunnaqi, Nazdiru. Why each Egiptian ruler had to have a female with pure blood, or seed to breed with and must birth a daughter. The Female is the temple, her body of the Nazdiru seed.
She was the first object of worship, not man. She is Mother Nature, the eternal fire is in her womb. The Freemasons call her the Eastern Star. The Shriners call her the Daughters of Isis "Aset".
Everything of importance to me they call her, she. they even call their consorts, wife Mama. To this day men still worship women but now it's her body, her sex, not her divine mind. The truth has been lost by religions worldwide. You, female, XX now are growing life. You can feel it and you can see it, as it grows 9 nature until birth or parting; or its own separating from you. For the first time at the moment of separation or birth, physical creation, you became a Goddess. You created, shaped, formed, and fashioned, who was both female XX and male XY for 9 natures or nine months of pregnancy; the giver of physical life in form. Yet, you females and only you can confirm the existence of another being,the babe or child. A babe or child is called an offspring because it sprang off or out of its creator, maker, or fashioner, which is why women are the true gods or goddesses. She is the matrix matriarch, maternal, or maternity.
Matrix Mother Goddess. 9 X 9 Matrix The Matrix of the Female Chromosome XX = 720% COMPLETE = FE-Male WO-MAN LAD-Y
The female knows she exists and brings all others into existence. She is the site of all; the site of the triple darkness is in her womb. When you try to overpower the woman; or your woman, consort, wife, mate and force her into submission, the God in her dies. Once she loves a man more than her own self, the god in her dies. once she is inslaved by her man, the god in her dies and her man loses interest, he moves on. She and only she can kill herself by surrendering to a life style or religion that subjects her to second class citizenship, where she can't express who and what she feels or whats without guilt or shame. Once a female expresses herself, her powers, you will see she does great things for the whole race.
She created us all; both herself and us. All females and males are fashioned. grown, born of her.
Solomon Yemani wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 05:50 PM
Coptic Affirmation
For there is a scarce a nation upon this earth, that has a higher opinion of themselves, and think as much of their country, as the Black Congo.
R. and Jahi El wrote:
Thursday, February 4, 2010, 06:07 PM
Peace Family,
For our Nation to Be successful for centuries to come it is mandatory/imperative for us to invest in our future leaders. If we have supreme knowledge, wisdom and understanding (and we do)those of us whose energy is activated need to educate the youth. We can not leave it up to the public nor private schools/institutions of the U.S. of A. to teach our young who they truly are and where they really are. Just because this corporation (U.S.A) is in the business of dumbing down the youth and attempting to kill our children before they grow we have to take a stand and inject the serum, if you will, as the public educational system is diligently pumping poison in the children mind, body and soul. We definitely need our own schools, until we are financially able to purchase buildings we can use our homes. What I am asking for is some assistance in creating a curriculum to teach our children our way. As we research and find the answers to our true identity and become more consciously aware lets start putting it in writing in away that is so easily understandable that even a child will understand it. Please contact me with any ideas, comments, concerns, and questions. I will be on the upcoming Sunday conference call. For those whom are interested in linking up with me on this matter I will leave my contact info. with Sis. Fiola.
Peace and Love
Khamet Ba Kofi Nu(...) wrote:
Friday, February 5, 2010, 05:57 PM
Greetings Family,

The issue of changing our status from Muurs/Moors to indians to gain acceptance from some governmental agency (BIA, census,etc..) is a mistake and a trick. I found some nice articles that I hope make the point. Peace and Love..

One of the many and numbered SOCIAL CASTE traps, disrupting the oppressed dark and light olive Asiatic Community in the Americas, is the continuing NATIONAL
IDENTITY CRISIS. There are major social and economic issues facing our people, who have been denied their right to sovereign self government. Most are unaware of the true sources of their oppression.
Politically supported and protected social and economic disruption engineering, has
been traditionally directed by the colony/States, against the indigenous peoples of the
Americas (Al Morocs). The brands and labels of NEGRO, BLACK, COLORED, INDIAN,
WEST INDIAN etc.. have been accepted as true and are feigned retroactively into ancient history. These chattel brands and labels (fraud) are given de jure and legitimate reality in the States’ educational systems of the West.
With the absence at the true national descent names of your Moorish forefathers, the
nations of the Earth have no lawful or legal obligation to recognize the heritage, birthrights, rights and immunities of the people. You cannot inherit that which is your forefathers
if you don’t recognize or acknowledge them (self) or bear their national names. The
identity of your forefathers and yourselves must be in harmony as one and the same people?
Let us not get confused, or allow anyone to confuse us with the difference of Natural Person and Corporate Person, or Flesh and Blood Being, In Full Life, of which we are that from the moment of birth, a spiritual being, manifested in the flesh. At Law, there are two types of "Persons". The Natural (Flesh and Blood) and the Corporate Person. So it is important to know when one is saying Person, which one they are speaking of. And when one is being highly spiritual regarding the matter, they are identifying themselves In Full Life, Flesh and Blood, a Natural Being, which in Court would be a Natural Person, as opposed to a Corporate Person, one who is "In Propria Persona", which sets the stage for who has jurisdiction, if any over the Person (Personum Jurisdiction).
This is a well oiled wheel, however upon knowing the logistics and components of it, you can navigate through it, around it, and out of it. If you do not correct your status then you cannot make these presentments regarding Ex Rel, and defend your natural existence as a Flesh and Blood Being. It is erroneously in reverse, because the Proper Natural Status or Natural Being (You) is seen as Civil Liter Mortus (dead in the eyes of the Law), because of failure to speak for himself in his Proper status. Essentially many of the arguments brought to the Court are a Straw in themselves (dead issues). So a straw is more than just the name on the birth certificate, created as a tool or instrument that robs the natural and unalienable rights (birthrights) of the child. Once you have declared that you are in your Proper Status, essentially you are able to take Power of Attorney over these instruments, and matters, and be the "authorized Representative" for the Straw, without voiding your Proper Status, instead of continuing to allow the corporate states to be the authorized representative and utilize them against you as collateral, and act as Power of Attorney speaking on your behalf. You must be the Authorized Representative of the straw, so that they are not.

"When you study Nationality & Birthrights, one begins to understand that Civilizations Laws come from Nations. And if you are not part of a Nation you don't come under National or International Law. Therefore, you are not recognized by the Nations of the Earth; because Law deals with the interchange between natural people across the planet, always has been that way. And they (Nations) have governmental principles that are universal in their character. They're not unique to us necessarily, they are universal in their character. So when you deal with other Nations, there are certain fundamental principles that are universal that they expect from you, when they communicate with you. And if you don't display a knowledge of them, then you are in violation of Divine Law, (which is where government law is derived), and are outside of the Law or considered what's called an “outlaw”, of which the natural citizens and government can do whatever they want to you and get away with it."

Taj Tarik Bey, G.S.
Khamet Ba Kofi Nu(...) wrote:
Friday, February 5, 2010, 05:59 PM
The information on Brother Abeeku Ohene-El Bey's radio station ( and Rahsmariah Bey and Taj Tarik Bey's website ( is the most important (must know) information and education I have ever received...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yuriela bey wrote:
Saturday, February 27, 2010, 09:19 AM
peace and love,
i am wondering what the symbolism of the empire washitaw flag is. thank you
Martyn Augustus W(...) wrote:
Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 10:00 AM
I have noticed in my travels that inside the history of our people and others tribes diet enables one to see more, hear more, know more and basically do more. Even in the White house diet is taken serious. As you know we are vehicles. our brain is a vehicle and our body is a vehicle used in our journey. imagine you have driver operating what we call the body or physical. what do we feed out driver it can perform at optimum levels. This has been the quest for the many great Alchemists. In our entire story Alchemists have healed themselves helped others to find foods that will give the 'driver' positive foods to get and positive result in our choices.
There is in eye opening experience using simple foods in the right sequence. Most if not all life decisions are based on chemistry. music, art, family, government, money, peace, harmony, all have elements of chemistry. some have to do with food,some vibration/sound, some liquid, some words, some clothes and many others. The great minds of technology were simple alchemists operating on higher levels but it is simple chemistry. I will say this in closing. We are energy (electricity) our brain uses electricity to function. you can give your brain food that contain simple electricity. lemons are a great and simple form of brain food. get a few lemons, juice add some warm water and drink. then let nature do the rest.
Much research has gone into the simple lemon that contains much.
i hope this inspires someone to do a little research on electricity and brain function.
Dr Ayn Ba El wrote:
Sunday, April 18, 2010, 07:52 PM
Peace Sis. yURIELa,

I just noticed your question from February 27th. The answer I received today by revelation is this:

BLACK represents the MELANIN in the skin of the original people who migrated here from Mu.

RED represents the BLOOD shed by the many individuals (and groups) who have fought in the past and who are still constantly fighting for our rights given to us by our Creator.

GREEN represents the LAND that has already been returned to us, that all we MUST do is stake a claim to!

GOLD represents the JUSTICE we will receive (and have received) for all the injustice perpetrated on us and on the Ancient Ones!

I hope this helps in your understanding of WHO you are when you say ... I AM Washitaw!!! Much Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice to you and ALL others who benefit from this revelation.
Anoli 7 Hiloha wrote:
Sunday, May 30, 2010, 08:57 PM
“I’ve Known Rivers Too: A Look at “Black Slaves” and Choctaws Across the River” by Anoli 7 Hiloha

In the book titled, “Walking the Choctaw Road”, by Tim Tingle, he tells stories of the Choctaw Native American Tribe and within those stories discusses the secret relationship between the Choctaw and so called Black slaves in Mississippi in the 1800’s. These stories are passed down by Oral Tradition from generation to generation by the elders to the younger people. The storyteller, Tim Tingle is a Choctaw and a descendant of the Choctaws in the book. In his book, he talks about a river called Bok Chitto. The Bok Chito is a special river because in the 1800’s and prior, it had been the border between the Choctaw people and the hostages on the plantations now called “Black” or “African slaves”. It is difficult to grasp the concept that “slaves” and Choctaws lives so close to each other, yet they were free while the “Black slaves” were in bondage. Would the colonizers allow this? Well, as Tingle describes later in the book, not for long.

In an essay at the back of Crossing Bok Chitto, Tim Tingle says:
“Crossing Bok Chitto is a tribute to the Indians of every nation who aided the runaway people of bondage. Crossing Bok Chitto is an Indian book and documented the Indian way, told and told again and then passed on by uncles and grandmothers. In this new format, this book way of telling, Crossing Bok Chitto is for both the Indian and the non-Indian. We Indians need to know and embrace our past. Non-Indians should know the sweet and secret fire, as secret as the stones, that drives the Indian heart and keeps us so determined that our way, a way of respect for others and the land we live on, will prevail.”

The history between the two groups goes deep. Consider this, If a “Black slave” or his family were able to make it across the Bok Chitto river, they were instantly free. It’s the truth. If a person who had been in the bondage of chattel slavery, beaten, split up from his family and his mate raped or worse, and this is the only life he’s known, could gain instant freedom given to him by the All in All, if he could make it across that river. Oh yes, I would say this river, Bok Chitto, is very special to both “Black” descendants of “slaves” and Choctaw descendants.

Consider this, If Tim Tingle, the author of this book, is writing from the words of his own oral tradition, we must at least take a look. This is what I’m attempting to put together: I want to show you that the “Black slaves” and the Choctaw people are related. Sound reason compels me to pose this question; How and/or why would Choctaws take “black slaves” into their villages to be free among them if they were not related and deeply

connected? Is it because they were family? My family would take me in if I were across Bok Chitto in bondage by a stranger. Yes, I could always return home. I know, Brothers and Sisters reading this, that I could return home and be protected by my family from the strangers. Popular belief today is that Choctaws, like all other Native American in this country are Red people who are generally lighter than “Blacks”. They look almost of Mexican or Hispanic/Latino descent, or Alaskan Native. However, as revealed to me in person by the current crowned Emporess of The Washitaw people, Empress Verdiacee Tiari Washitaw-Turner Goston El-Bey, “A Choctaw is a chocolate colored Washitaw, the Black and Brown bushy headed people found living in the “Americas” by the first European explorers.

Several pictures I have seen in research as well as pictures that have been shown to me by various people in my travels and research, depict Choctaws as light-brown to very dark brown, some straight haired and some bushy/wooly or nappy hair, all having the same features of many so called Black men in America. I can’t deny the oral traditions told to me by friends and family. No, these Choctaws on the other side of the plantation across Bok Chitto, did not look like red men as depicted in many books and films of today. They had similar features as the “Black slaves” on the other side and viewed them as family. It was not a Red people who simply empathized with some “African- Black slaves” and decided to give them aid because they felt sorry for them and if somehow they could only cross the river, they would be free. No, my common sense backed by historical proof tell me that these people were family, temporarily displaced, who were constantly striving to reconnect with the others on the other side of the Bok Chitto River, So called Choctaw Indians and so called African Black slaves are family; The Missing Family Link.

I am attempting to reconnect so called Black people with their true history in America. It is always fuzzy when we begin to discuss our family history as “Blacks” in America. I personally knew my great-grandmother, who told me of my great-great-great grandmother in northern Georgia, which I will discuss in a future paper. After that, my family history is “fuzzy”. I had always assumed that my great-great-great grandmother was descendant of some “African-Black slaves”. I never once considered that she could have been a descendant of one of the many tribes of the Washitaw Empire, the dark colored, bushy headed people with big noses and high

colored cheek bones of the southeast United States, are the 1st inhabitants of that land. The Choctaw, Chickasaw, Mouskegee Creek, Cherokee and Seminole, to name a few, are all Washitaw family. One might call us Black Indians but the proper term would be Washitaw Muurs. Now, the author of “Walking the Choctaw Road”, Tim Tingle, does not make any direct family connection, at least in statement, of the Choctaws to those Black slaves described in the book. I feel that is my job. I will attempt to make that reconnection. Washitaw Muurs now labeled as black, deserve it. We have been in the dark for too long, not knowing where we are truly from.
Where is Blackland? Is is Africa? Or is it where we have always been as long as I and my great=grandmother can remember, right here, within 500 miles radius of that river and then some. But as they say, I digress.

Another very interesting fact about this book, “Walking the Choctaw Road”, is that the author, Tingle, mentions the mound Ninah Waiya. I was familiar with this hand-built earthen mound before reading the book. Why, because as a Washitaw historian I know that:
A. The Washitaws are black and brown colored, bushy headed people
B. They were also known as the Mound builders.
C. Washitaw and Choctaw (originally called Chahta) are related tribes.
The Great mound Ninah Waiya, is also called the Mother Mound, and as the author Tim Tingle describes it, is said to be the birth place of the Choctaws. It is located I Philadelphia, MS as well, and the story takes place in MS, then along the route to Oklahoma or Okla nowa, people walking.

The Trail of Tears is significant because those “Indians” walking on that trail, were related to Washitaws. If they were Creek or Chickasaw, they were Washitaw. As tim Tingle reminds us, for a long time the co called Black slaves and the Choctaws existed on the other side of the river, Bok Chitto, from each other. During that time, any Black man or family could cross that same river and be taken in by the Choctaws as a full family member of the tribe. Also during this period, a decision was made for all the Choctaws to be driven from the area to what is now Oklahoma. This proved to be one the most violent campaigns in US history. This became known as the Trail of Tears. In other words, according to author Tim Tingle, some so called Blacks who had crossed

the Bok Chitto river and had reunited with the Choctaw, or at least became a new tribal member of, walked on that trail of Tears with the Choctaw. So we know for a fact that now in 2010, some people who have been called Black are Choctaw. Whether through escaping a slave plantation or through marriage, this connection exists and it is very strong and widely unrecognized. These Choctaw and Black families were one in the same. They were forced out by new settling Europeans who wanted their good farmland, so they burned the Choctaws homes and rebuilt new houses of their own.

This paper is an attempt to get people thinking about the so called Blacks grouped in with the so called Indian or Native Americans, and the so called Native Americans who now call themselves Black. When Tim Tingle’s family walked on the Trail of Tears, there were black and brown colored, bushy or nappy headed people around them. I encourage Muurs, so called Blacks, to open their minds and broaden their world view. The Blacks don’t have to go back to Africa of find their roots because their roots can be found right here. Remember, Tim Tingle states, the Mother Mound called Ninah Waiya, gave birth to the Choctaws, and the Mound builders were Muurs, black and brown skin toned, bushy headed ancient ones, the Washitaw. Much Love from Patrick Emille McCallum aka Anoli 7 Hiloha.
Rukiyah wrote:
Sunday, May 30, 2010, 09:33 PM
Here is a book link that was sent to me. I am encouraged to pass it along to start a chain of healing!
Baba Atoo Dunia:B(...) wrote:
Monday, May 31, 2010, 12:20 PM
With tools like our NGO (non governmental organization) which is issued by the United Nations we have no reason not to record our ancestry and include our reseach in the United Nation's record of aboriginal people.
Melissa Davy wrote:
Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 12:58 PM
As a nation created by love & peace with open arms to all is one of spirituatily. Providing knowledge to empower our fellow brothers & sisters we as a nation will grow.
Dr Ayn Ba El wrote:
Tuesday, August 3, 2010, 03:20 AM
Sis. Rukiyah, thank you so much for the book link to the Complete Handbook of Nature Cure!!! I have practiced some of the Remedies years ago with much success! I have recently started to eliminate some of my prescribed medications with great outcomes, such as weight loss, reduced swelling, lowered blood sugar and blood pressure, just to name a few! However, I've still had trouble with overall total body (joints and muscles) inflammation and pain. I read the section on Arthritis in the book, and I look forward to implementing several of the suggestions to finally be able to eliminate ALL of the prescription pain medications from my system! Thanks again for the reference.
Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 09:52 PM
Greetings Sis. Dr. Ayn, you and everyone who finds the book beneficial are more than welcome. I am a student of Dr. Llaila Afrika. From what I am learning from him and personal research that I am doing, what may aid you in your quest to better health is eliminating ALL processed foods and concentrated sugar. This is not medical advice just my personal observation of people with "more" melanin and darker hue. Many of us eat the foods that the colonizers brought here and made. We eat a lot of man-made, nutrient deficient, food look-a-likes. There is a war on our food with the intent of keeping us dis-eased while putting money in the hospitals.... I could go on with this one however I trust you get my point. If you're interested I have more re-sources and links. Keep in mind...Natures Food is Our Medicine. Give Thanks!
Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 10:24 PM
Peace Family! I will post some youtube videos in regards to health and wellness on the Vegan/Vegetarian recipe blog.
Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Thursday, August 5, 2010, 07:55 PM
Here is a very informative website that we can build on to "grow" our Empire!

Please let me know what you think!
Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Sunday, August 8, 2010, 02:11 AM
Greetings family,
I am a member of this this website, it is for those who are interested in bartering. If you want to learn more about bartering and how it works this site may be of interest to you. I will also add a youtube link for ideas on how to make and use our own money/currency.

please add-on and lets build!
Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Sunday, August 8, 2010, 04:04 PM
Calling all Master minds, lets Build!
Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Sunday, August 8, 2010, 05:14 PM
Food for thought of this day and beyond....our creed can not be separate from our government.
Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Tuesday, August 17, 2010, 00:10 AM
Peace All,
I am researching the 7 fundamentals studies/sciences/arts of ancient African studies ie.reading,arithmetic, poetry, music...etc( I don't recall all of them, if you know what they are please let me know) and I came across this article. It is an informative read for those interested in home schooling/educating.

Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Tuesday, August 17, 2010, 05:43 PM
If you are concerned about your health and wellness, and foods that you maybe consuming, here is some information on hybrid and genetically engineered/modified foods.

To your health! Be well!
Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Wednesday, August 25, 2010, 02:19 PM
Here is an excellent resource for those who are already and for those who are interested in home schooling while and having a home-based business.
Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Wednesday, August 25, 2010, 10:08 PM
I "hope" the information I am posting/sharing is useful to someone other than myself....
This link I am posting are for you all who are interested in READing about the uniqueness between Rote Memorization and Holistic Learning.
Sis.Rukiyah wrote:
Thursday, August 26, 2010, 11:10 PM
I just received this message please be aware!
"I am not on facebook and from you told me neither are you; however, you know people who is some important info that I am passing along as it was sent to me [8:40:22 AM] B J: BESIDES FB BEING A DATABASE 4 BABYLON. WARNING: Facebook has activated Facebook Places. Anyone can determine your location while on Facebook, using GPS (Global Positioning System) apps. To disable this feature: (1) open the account tab; (2) select account settings; (3) select the Notifications tab (4) ...scroll
to Places; (5) both tick boxes; (6) save the changes; (7)
warn all your Facebook friends."
Sis. Rukiyah wrote:
Thursday, September 2, 2010, 01:43 AM
Yes I am adding more info to the data files :-)
Here is a link I just found on how to naturally remineralize the teeth(alternative to going to a dentist) if you have dental hygiene issues and/or interested in preventative measures.
M.E., Mosi A. El-(...) wrote:
Monday, September 13, 2010, 00:40 AM
We HAVE to take the BLACKNESS from out of our hearts. We have to cleanse it through with the fresh waters of LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM and JUSTICE. Becoming Muur and Muur in tune with Muur subtle energies; Our Amerindian Qualities, We must reawaken our intuitive spirits oneness with all living things, with NATURE. The calm spirit of amber, the buoyancy of eagle and air. All of land must be Translated. Be born again some must. Then, raise your very young self to grow being nourished by only all that is good, Listen to your Heart, and FOREVER be a child of CREATION. Having started from the very spark of Life that is of Our Father, Who Art In Heaven, there-then and Here, On Earth.
Shiek Sharif Abdu(...) wrote:
Monday, September 13, 2010, 00:50 AM
i Am That That I Am
Choctaw of The Washitaw, Choctaw Washitaw Amerindian of The Nation and Empire Uaxashaktun de Dugdyahmoundyah and Uaxashaktun de Mu.
I Am and My Father are ONE!
Mosi A. El-Fatin (...) wrote:
Monday, September 13, 2010, 01:44 AM
And The Greatest of These is Love!

My very Muurish grandmother taught by example; now I am learned to say, FATHER-GOD ALLAH, when making acknowledgments.
Research El, root word to the acknowledgment title Allah. His People will be acknowleged by His Name, And Even are ye who art within the Washitaw.
My Government is WASHITAW (L.T.P.F. and Justice),
My Teachings are of CHRIST' JESUS of NAZERETH,
by way of the CIRCLE SEVEN KORAN, in relation to our Original Way Of Life (religion), and also in relation to the inherent attributes we hold within identifying us with our very own ancestors of Native America. Return of the Ancient Ones and Now. Jesus is Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and means Justice! Also of the here IMPERIAL Blood of Our Kingdom. In brief the line (geneology) through which Jesus came; Some of the Great Fathers through which Jesus came are: Abraham, Boaz by Ruth EL, Jesse, King David, Solomon, Hezekiah and Joseph by Mary. El-Fatin, Mosi (Shiek Sharif Abdul El)
El-Fatin, Mosi wrote:
Monday, September 13, 2010, 01:57 AM
... and Joseph by Mary.

El-Fatin, Mosi (Shiek Sharif Abdul El) (ATON)
Love One Another always acknowledging His Presence; Our Father Who Arts In Heaven and Here On Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mosi Abdul El-Fat(...) wrote:
Monday, September 13, 2010, 04:13 AM
"I Will Seek to Make My Presence Known though I Will Never Seek To Hurt Another Soul."
Choctaw Uaxashaktun de Dugdyahmoundyah Muur,
Mosi Abdul El-Fatin El, Ambassador de Washitaw (Adept)
1-5 & Circle 7 'Holy Koran of Muurish' Science Temple of America, Reincarnated,
Also known as the 'Temple of Aton' Resurrected! MOSIATON!
-Mu Ankh Atun El Uaxashaktun de Choctaw
Mosi Abdul El-Fat(...) wrote:
Monday, September 13, 2010, 04:14 AM
"I Will Seek to Make My Presence Known though I Will Never Seek To Hurt Another Soul."
Choctaw Uaxashaktun de Dugdyahmoundyah Muur,
Mosi Abdul El-Fatin El, Ambassador de Washitaw (Adept)
1-5 & Circle 7 'Holy Koran of Muurish' Science Temple of America, Reincarnated,
Also known as the 'Temple of Aton' Resurrected! MOSIATON!
-Mu Ankh Atun El Uaxashaktun de Choctaw
L13,L15,L19,L9-L5(...) wrote:
Monday, September 13, 2010, 04:28 AM
Empowered by the knowledge of self and ancestry, We again are upright Human Beings, nationality known and acknowleged so that 'we the people' are to diminish no more.
Study, Study, and Study Muur!
'The Great meeting Is On' for Washitauan Muurs!
Negro No Muur!
THEO A. ENOCH EL (...) wrote:
Monday, September 13, 2010, 08:52 AM
1. Serving our God in the highest manner in which we are capable,
2. Acknowledging and developing our own Divine nature and the Divine nature of one another,
3. Living in harmony with the members of our families and communities,
4. Cultivating character in ourselves, our children and practicing virtuous principles in our daily lives,
5. Preserving and advancing our culture, heritage, traditions and interests,
6. Building and developing abundance and sharing the abundance of our heart, mind, hands and spirit,
7. Nurturing and honoring our mother,father and our brothers and sisters at home and abroad.
These guiding principles are manifest in the lives of tribal members united by our everlasting sovereign right to proclaim, protect, and preserve our heritage, culture and identity as we strive for our common goal: a dignified, prosperous, and harmonious community at peace with ourselves and our neighbors; possessing safe, wholesome, and productive lands, improvements, and structures; having institutions to govern our people, with a vibrant self sustaining economy that will enable our people to live, work, recreate, educate and care for children, honor and assist elders, communicate in our own language, and generally address the diverse needs of our people and our cultural heritage according to our own designs and intentions.
this is our practice and our dutites in the nation as citizens

1. Promote unity of purpose, values, and culture; and strength within our families and communities,
2. Create educational, vocational, and economic opportunities for ourselves,
3. Recognize and honor our God, our Ancestors and their gifts, struggles, and sacrifices,
4. Restore and promote our Sovereignty, Freedom, Justice, and Equality
5. Protect ourselves from any and all threats to our Sovereignty, Freedom, Justice, and Equality,
6. Educate ourselves in the wisdom and teachings of our Ancestors and in the unique relationship we have with our God,
7. Raise our children in the ways of our Ancestors ensuring the passing on of our heritage and legacy to future generations.
THEO A. ENOCH EL (...) wrote:
Monday, September 13, 2010, 09:09 AM
Game Player Consciousness
Game Player Consciousness is a study guide for Divine Consciousness.
If you are a seeker of knowledge this study guide will put you on the path of love and light and you will see your purpose and do your service in the Game of life. You must be active in the height to be a son of god and co- creator. The best Player is able to have longevity in the Game and by having divine Consciousness; the Player can change the Game to fit itself.

The purpose of this chapter is awareness of the all that is! You need to visualize it as a living entity; it contains the blue print of itself and all that is. This force is a collective of virtues and principles.
The awareness of the collective order is unity, It’s nature is self will with the ability to exist, appear, live, and die and comeback to itself. It is represented by the circle O, it is the whole of itself and the path of the pure form Spirit “The most High”

This order became aware of its attributes and broke itself down into micro intelligent of the macro intelligent the first action of this stage is SELF WILL the force that is all!
As a pupil of this study guide of Game Player Consciousness, We must start at the top of the circle and navigate to the right and follow the path to become yourself.

The game is THE MOST HIGH the source of all that is, you must learn the game to be apart of it. All rules and regulations. This awareness gives you a feeling of responsibility to find your purpose. If not motivated to understand u, your not yourself. This is very important to the initiate on this first step of the ONE!

Live life to the fullest in the here and now. Learn how to navigate into higher consciousness which is the abode of the soul!

Game Player Consciousness


In this chapter of the study guide you will learn the order of all that is ONE
Bringing the LIGHT into existence



This is the knowledge to give the adept the edge to over stand the role in this consciousness
The Game was built to fit the spirit for development. Each Density interact with each other, that intelligent action becomes the playing field.

Game Player Consciousness
THEO A. ENOCH EL (...) wrote:
Monday, September 13, 2010, 09:57 AM

In this chapter the initiate must be balance; masculine and feminine energies in itself, the push and the Pull. This will make you a true master and co –creator with THE MOST HIGH!

You must become virtues and principles this is the path to your higher self. This must be active for your growth in the 2nd DENSITY


1. LAW OF DIVINE – Everything we do, say, think and believe or know affects others and the universe around us.
2. LAW OF VIBRATIONS – Everything vibrates and travels in circular pattern even thought, has its own vibration frequency unique to itself.
3. THE LAW OF ACTION –Manifesting things on earth engaging in action to support thoughts, dreams, and emotions.
4. THE LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE- Law of physics; energy, light, vibration, and motion, as above so below
5. THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT- Nothing happens by chance or outside the universal law, every action has a reaction WE REAP WHAT WE SOW!
6. THE LAW OF COMPENSATION – cause and effect applies for blessings and abundance, money, inheritance, friendship blessings

7. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – How we created the things, events, and people that come into our lives out of thoughts feeling words and actions produce energies which attract energies
8. THE LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSFORMATION OF ENERGY- All person have within them the power to change the condition in their life Higher vibration consume and transform lower ones thus each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding DIVINE LAW and applying the principle in such away as to effect change
9. THE LAW OF RELATIVITY – Each person will receive a series of problems for the purpose of strengthen the light with in. Each of these test are to be challenge and remain connected to our HEART when proceeding to solve the problem and put everything in its proper perspective.
10. THE POLARITY EVERTHING IS ON A CONTINUUM AND HAS AN OPPOSITE we can suppress the transform undesirable thought by concentrating on the opposite pole, it is the law of mental vibration.
11. THE LAW OF RHYTHM- Everything vibrates and moves to a rhythm establishing seasonal, cycles, and stages of development and patterns masters know how to rise above all negative parts of the cycle by never getting excited or allowing negative things to penetrate their conscious.

You must have Aspiration to HIGHER POWERS




Game Player Consciousness

Sis.Rukiyah wrote:
Sunday, October 10, 2010, 09:09 PM
Peace All,
Are any of you Shamans or have any information about Shamanic practices? Please contact me via Sis. Fayola.
Peace and Love
Tony M. wrote:
Sunday, December 26, 2010, 12:26 PM
Until we are all of the same mind and understanding, we will always be a divided, and therefore a defeated, people. I see what has been written here and for the most part it is interesting reading. However, it is misplaced information, meaning the information is premature. Out of everything I have read and heard on the conference calls, I find it somewhat disheartening that the Nation isn't further along than what it is in information and status. Having personally sat in private conference with the Empress in 1998 and meeting with Joe at his home in California, the things that she express to me seem to have lost ground rather than gained in most areas. I am very concerned and, again, would like to offer my service and abilities to the Empress, Joe and the Nation to help stabilize the foundation and bring us to a secure level that has the ability to not only compete with but withstand the strategic plan designed to destroy us all.

It is my hope that this not be taken negatively because my intent is never to cause harm on any level. I merely wish to provide help in areas that seem to be missing.

Thank you for your time in reading this note.
Anoli 7 wrote:
Monday, February 14, 2011, 10:56 PM
The Monday Night call was really good 2nite. Some of the most interesting topics that came out after reading from Chapter 4 in "Return of the Ancient Ones" by our Emporess, were inter-indigenous trading and better diet by eating less and eating raw and natural (organic). Also the fact that they are currently making it increasingly hard for individuals to grow organic food. I was also intrigued by the discovery in a book that I own. On page 286 of "Reader's Digest' America's Fascinating Indian Heritage" is a picture of Emporess Delphia Kim-Washitaw Washington). However they don't list her name.
Mr. Michael R. Wi(...) wrote:
Friday, February 18, 2011, 11:11 AM
Please, keep me updated on all " Reparations Progressions ", Mr. Michael R. Williams - 16652 Turner Detroit, Michigan 48221-4916; 1-313-212-2952:
ThankYou: 2-18-2011:
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Monday, March 9, 2015, 01:39 AM
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Have you ever considered creating an e-book or guest authoring on other sites? I have a blog based on the same subjects you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my viewers would value your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e mail.
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I am curious to find out what blog platform you happen to be utilizing? I'm experiencing some minor security problems with my latest site and I'd like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any solutions?
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