Our Empress

Her Highness Divine: Empress Wendy Farica Washitaw is the current reigning empress of the Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Empire and leader of the Emperial Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Nation. SHE IS THE LEGAL HEIR to the Maison Rouge land grant that were skillfully willed to her great-great-great-grandfather Henry Turner, son of the Marquis de Maison Rouge. The Marquis Joseph de Maison Rouge, the child of French Nobility was rescued by the Baron Philip de Bastrop at the beginning of the unrest culmination with the French Revolution. 

Henry Turner is the child of the Marquis de Maison Rouge by an Emperial Washa woman, Her Highness Saint Cyr El Ayimarieeyah.( The discovery of her Egyptian – like coffin is recounted in Return of the Ancient Ones ). After the Marquis death, Henry Turner began recovering the titles to all of the land and rights granted under his father’s name; including the Maison Rouge Grant, the de Bastrop Grant and the Crozat Grant. 

One of the old Empresses, Delphi Kimm Washington- Washitaw (1849-1966 ), lived during the turbulent years immediately following the legal recovery of part of the land in 1848. She experienced the violent assaults waged upon the Washitaw ( Washington’s ) and Tunica ( Turner’s) to steal the land.

Empress, Delphi Kimm is the key to the research conducted by our previous Empress. She inspired and guided our previous Empress, Dubbing her ” TIARI ” or the Crowned One. Before her transition at the modest age of 117, she laid the ground work for the reclamation of the land. 

Her Highness Divine: Wendy Farica Washitaw’s Grandmother and previous Empress Verdiacee “Tiari” Washitaw-Turner (Tunica) Goston El-Bey spent more then 30 years researching the leads left by her grandmother. While on her Quest for truth and to free her people, she suffered great losses, brutal physical attacks, slanderous character assassination and continuing threats against her life. Yet, she remained undaunted in her quest to rebuild the nation. She was a world-renown archivist, researcher, and legal mind. She served in various capacities of government locally, nationally and internationally. As the founder of townships and the city of Richwood, L.A near sacred indigenous grounds, she was instrumental in establishing social and economic agendas to improve the living conditions in underdeveloped communities. Her work took her around the world. Studies in Japan equipped her with the ability to effectuate the financing and installation of citywide sewage system for one of our towns. As a mayor, she was an elected officer and one of the founders of the Conference of Mayors, both nationally and internationally. Our Previous Empress authored several programs that were implemented on federal and state levels.
She was an invited advisor to the U.S. congress, the presidents, and a delegate to the O.A.U.(Organization of African Unity) meeting.  In July and August of 1996, the Empress led a group of emissaries to the Summer conferences at the United Nations offices in Geneva, Switzerland. During the 14th session of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations. The Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah was recorded as “The Oldest Indigenous People on Earth” in the final list of all attendees.

In 1993, The Washitaw Indigenous Nation of Mound Builders received its United Nations number: 215/93. To date, the Empress, as one of the living heirs of Henry Turner, has recovered the title to 68,883 acres of land comprising most of the northern part of the “said” state of Louisiana. Our Past Empress endured the effects of an Ischemic Stroke in June 2001. She made her transition to her spiritual form on April 19, 2014 near Los Angeles, California.

Your free-will donation will help defray any unpaid medical, funeral expenses, the upkeep of her car, and the storage fee of the Washitaw files. Plus, will contribute to her royal majestic works for the Empire to carry on what she left unfinished. We appreciate your help alleviating the monetary expense currently carried her Granddaughter and current reigning Her Highness Devine Empress Wendy Farica Washitaw. This outpouring of love and combined effort is organized by: Jr.
Crown Prince Emperor El Bey Bigbay Bagby Pamunkey Washitaw Supreme Holy Adept Tribal Council Member and Chief  Jugde,Spiritual Minister, Imperial Royal  Court emperorelbey@gmail.com 
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