Reading of the Empress’ Book – “ROTAO”

Washitaw 101


The Return of the Ancient Ones

Written By: Empress Verdiacee “Tiara” Washington (Washitaw) Turner (Tunica) Goston El-Bey 



The Emperial Royal Court

Combine Efforts to Teach 

Free to the Public 

Join In &  listen to the events of 

Empress Verdiacee Tiara Washitaw Turner Goston El-Bey’s
through this inspiring true autobiography that was written prior
to her falling ill.  Be sure to bring a pen or pencil
and paper to take notes.
A question and Answer session will follow
the reading.  If you want to learn the truth about the
Oldest Indigenous Muurs
Nation on Earth as recognized by the United Nations,
then this call is for you. 

Every Wednesday evening at

8:00pm EST– 7pm CST– 5:00pm PST
Everyone is cordially invited to attend these classes,
Just remeber Washitaw’s #1 principle while on the call -LOVE.
Invite your family and friends, as well. 

We look forward to everyone joining us at

(641) 715-0700 #  Access code is 597871#


Listen As R.A. Shaal’amun El-Bey reads, sit back and
learn about “The Return of the Ancient Ones.” 

Please remember, This is a secure call, therefore it will
be closely monitored by the Chief of the Templar Council,
Crown Prince Emperor El Bey Bigbay Bagby Badger.Pamunkey Washitaw
You may receive a copy of the book required
for this class below. 



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